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A consumer law firm fighting for you.

The law firm of Philipps & Philipps, Ltd. represents consumers who have been abused by illegal debt collection actions of collectors and debt buyers who violated the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). Since the firm’s inception in 1999, Philipps & Philipps has fought on behalf of consumers who have been defrauded, subject to illegal collection activity, or improper credit reporting. Partners David Philipps, Mary Philipps, and Angie Robertson have been appointed class counsel in hundreds of cases. The firm has recovered millions for consumers.

Here are just some examples of instances in which Philipps & Philipps, Ltd. has helped consumers fight illegal collection activity:

  • Consumers receiving abusive or harassing phone calls or voicemails from a debt collector
  • Consumers getting collection calls or letters for debts that had been on their bankruptcy
  • Consumers getting collection letters that are false, contradictory, misleading, or confusing
  • Consumers getting collection calls and letters for old debts that are beyond their statute of limitations, also known as “zombie debts”
  • Consumers who have had incorrect information on their credit reports
  • And many more!

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